Reh Kendermann


Reh Kedermann’s passion for good wine is what makes the winery so special and has continued to do since it was founded in 1920. As one of the largest wineries in Germany, the company headquarters are in Bingen, Germany. The winery remains in family ownership and is now under the watchful eye of the third generation.

The main production areas in Germany are the Pfalz, Moselle and Rheinhessen regions, where there are estates in Böchingen, Leiwen, Gau-Bickelheim and Bingen. The grapes that are used, are supplied by more than 300 contracted growers with whom Reh Kedermann have enjoyed long and fruitful partnerships. Thus they are able to guarantee the consistently high quality of the wines. At the estate in Romania, the Carl Reh Winery, Reh kedermann cultivate around 250 hectares of vineyards.

Besides importing international estate-bottled wine brands, they also promote German wines throughout the world. People in more than 35 countries enjoy Black Tower brand: with more than 15 million bottles sold each year, this is the most successful German wine brand in the world. Reh Kedermann are equally well-known for their high-quality wine brands, as well as for being a trusted trade partner in the premium own-label range.

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