Black Tower

Black Tower is Germany’s most internationally successful wine brand, recognised and drunk in over 35 markets around the globe.

Since its introduction Black Tower has established a unique place amongst the great wine brands. The distinctive bottle shape and black bottle set it apart from the crowd and reflect the individual character that has made it world-famous.

Today more than ever the iconic black of the bottle and vibrant colours of the wine create a design first and the great flavour and taste make it a perfect choice as the ideal wine for any occasion.

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Black Tower Fruity White

Black Tower Fruity White is a deliciously smooth wine full of fresh fruit flavours of pineapple and ripe mango. Wonderfully easy to drink, it is equally enjoyable served chilled, on its own, or with a variety of food - any time, any occasion.

Black Tower Smooth Red

Black Tower Smooth Red is soft and fruity with plenty of red berry fruit flavours.

Black Tower Dornfelder Pinot Noir

Black Tower Dornfelder Pinot Noir is made of Dornfelder and Pinot Noir grapes.
The grapes are destemmed and crushed and then fermented at temperatures of
around 28°C / 82°F ensuring excellent extraction of colour and soft tannins from
the skins. After fermentation the wines are then stored in vat to enable the
component parts to marry together before being bottled.

2010 2009 Black Tower Dornfelder Pinot Noir Berliner Wein Trophy, Germany

Black Tower Pink Bubbly

This semi-sparkling wine is characterised by its deliciously fresh and fruity
liveliness, it has ripe red berry and cherry flavours and a stunningly attractive,
vibrant rosé colour.

2012 2011 Black Tower Pink Bubbly Berliner Wein Trophy, Germany Silver