Davidoff Cognac

Davidoff Cognac

The ‘raison d’etre’ behind Cognac Davidoff is the production of a cognac that is
specifically designed. Zino Davidoff (1906 to 1994) made quality his philosophy ­ for
friends and customers. This tenet still characterizes the essence and the products of the
Davidoff Luxury Group today, with our the cognacs, Davidoff VSOP and Davidoff XO,
representing the latest manifestation of such a special claim.


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Davidoff Classic VSOP

Davidoff VSOP is a powerful and balanced cognac of the very best provenance. It owes its distinctive character to selected eaux-de-vie from the Cognac region. It is a surprisingly complex cognac, long and lingering on the palate and with a composite structure, the whole providing a mysterious , pleasurable experience. Tasting notes: On the nose: Oriental and wood aromas such as cedar wood, liquorice and honey, followed by smooth fruity notes, notably plum and prune. On the palate: powerful and fruity with flavours of honey and tobacco. Great balance between the fruity and wood elements. Finish: Elegant and long with hints of wild cherry tree.

Davidoff Classic XO

Cognac Davidoff XO is a high end blend and composed of only old eaux-de-vie coming from the finest areas of the cognac region. The result is a modern and elegant cognac characterised by hints of liquorish, prunes, honey and red cedar on the nose. It is powerful and fruity on the palate. Davidoff XO is presented in a very audacious and contemporary packaging. The Davidoff Cognac XO is a creation of exquisite fires that have long matured in fine oak barrels were allowed. It matured some of the fires up to 20 years before they were united. This Cognac combines a flavor composition, the sounds and tones are in harmony and is characterized by a perfect balance. The long and persistent finish is indicative of the Davidoff Cognac XO. When finishing move, the sounds and tones of the flavor symphony repeatedly over the palate, before they retire gracefully. It is an excellent cognac, full of elegance and taste.

Davidoff Tube XO