Janneau Armagnac

Armagnac dateres helt tilbage til det 14. århundrede, 200 år før cognac. Druebrændevinen produceres i Gascogne i regionen Armagnac for foden af Pyrenæerne og fremstilles af de samme hvide druer som cognac: Colombard, Folle Blanche og Ugni Blanc kombineret med Baco. Traditionelt destilleres vinen kun én gang mod to gange for cognac og whisky og bliver dermed mere aromatisk. Armagnac lagres herefter på egefade efter samme regler, som gælder for cognac.

Janneau har raffineret drikken yderligere ved at blende gamle single-destillerede armagnac’er med unge double-destillerede eaux de vie’er. Blendet lagres på 450 liter fade af den lokale sorteg eller fra Limousine. Hvert batch destilleres og modnes separat. Hele Armagnac Janneaus lagerbeholdning på over 3.000 fade er klassificeret vintage. Husets kældre rummer en af regionens største beholdninger af lagret armagnac. Mod bestilling har vi derfor unik mulighed for at hjemtage gamle flasker fra Janneau’s Vintage collection.

Armagnac Janneau er Frankrigs ældste og mest velestimerede armagnac-hus. Janneau er samtidig den producent, der har vundet flest priser for sine ekstremt velsmagende dråber. Huset blev grundlagt i 1851 af Pierre Etienne Janneau og har siden 1993 været ejet af Giovinetto-familien. I dag sælges brandet i over 70 lande og er markedsleder flere steder.

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Janneau Napoleon

Cellared under the most exacting conditions and refularly tasted throughout their development, the eaux-de-vie chosen for Janneau Napoleon have been selected for their generosity and softness. Napoleon is a blend of spirits distilled from the Ugni Blanc and Baco grape varieties produced in the two main wine areas of the Appellation Controlée: Bas Armagnac and Tenaréze. It is also a combination of two different types of distillation: a double distillation in pot stills (alambics) which is predominant, and a single distillation in continuous stills, use in small part.

The tasting experience is; perfumed, smoky nose, prunes and vanilla with faint crushed mint leaveas. The palate is smooth and well balanced, with prune, vanilla, stone fruits. Spice emerges in the long finish. Slightly more aromatic, sweeter and darker than the VSOP.

Janneau VSOP

Symbolic of the Janneau house style, the VSOP “AUDACE” is a perfect blend of carefully selected eau-de-vie, some matured for up tå20 years in new oak casks in the ancient cellars.
The VSOP is a blend of spirits distilled from white wine from Baco grape, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grape varieties, produced in the two main areas of the Appellation: a double distillation in pot stills, specific to Janneau and a single distillation in a continuous still.
The colour is bright amber, aromas of dried lilac, honey, figs, and toasted nuts follow through on a lively, tangy entry to a fruity yet-dry medium-to-full body with white chocolate and caramel notes. Finishes with a lingering honeyed golden raisin toasted and spice fade. A delicious appetizing Armagnac that will be great on its own, in cocktails, or even with food.

Janneau X.O. Royal

Janneau XO “ROYAL” is a blend of eaux-de-vie coming mainly from the area of Bas Armagnac and Ténaréze using mostly the Baco and the Ugni Blanc varieties, which are distilled using the Single Distillation process, and to a smaller extent, the Double Distillation process. The eaux-de-vie have been ageing in large part of up to 30 days in ancient oak casks. With a floral nose, and rich aromas of roasted nuts.

XO ROYAL is a complex combination of both single and double distilled euax-de-vide well suited to the more discerning palate.

The tasting experience, is quite intense, very well balanced palate, nice wood in the middle with sweet, mouth filling flavours that linger on to drying oak tannins, tobacco, qyince, orange marmalade, almond, faint coffee and kirsch.

The after taste has a long finish. Light cinnamon and peppery spiced ak with tobacco. Possibly the most awarded Armagnac in the planet.

Janneau X.O. 18 Y.O.

Reintroduced in 2011, XO EXTRAORDINAIRE 18 years old, previously known as TRES VIEILLE RESERVE de la Maison, is the ultimate expression of the luxury Grand Armagnac.

Every drop of this prized eau-de-vie has been allowed to mellow in Franch Limousin oak casks for at least 18 years, though some will mature for up to 35 years. The eaux-de vie coming from the Bas Armagnac and the Tenaréze regions have beem distilled using the single distillation method and to a smaller extend, the double distillation technique.

The result is a truly refined and complex Armagnac without parallel, and one worthy of its name.

Straight away you can notice the aromas of figs, dry plums, outer layer of orange peel. On the palate you will experience dry raisin, rancio of Gascon oak and the altogether surprising aroma of the spicy Baco which is the main grape variety used in the blend. Its soft, full, resinous long finish will, no doubts, seduce you. Spirit for meditation with a large vintage cigar by excellence. Served in a very large ballon glass, sniffed, and sipped while concentration, an occasion to dream with your eyes opened.

Armagnac Janneau 12 Years


Armagnac Janneau Single Distillery 12 Y.O.

Meget velafbalanceret, blød og frugtet Armagnac med stor personlighed; sammenlignelig med fin cognac. Farven er som flot rav. Næsen indeholder tørret fersken, figner og mælkechokolade. Smagen er pikant pebret, men samtidig behageligt rund med noter af frugt, kakao og eg.

Armagnac Janneau 18 Years

The white wines from the Ugni Blanc grape variety selected here come from the region of appellation controlée Ténaréze. The Tasthing experience is unique, soft reimous, intense. The first impression on the palate is an explosion of floral and complex aromas together with dry and sinous frutits. Intense, the velvet finish and persistent taste of violets are an incentive for further drinking.

Armagnac Janneau 25 Years

The oldest of the range, an unforgettable unique experience, in the world of distilled aged spirits. The tasting experience is a delightful combination of dry, resinous fruits on the nose. Deep, lingering “rancio” of Limousin oak barrels. A unique sensory experience complex, woody, spiced but soft and velverty, never aggressive. The colour is copper, the aromas of puttied and polished wood, melted toffee, sautéed peach, and peppery spice follow through on a rich entry to a dry-yey-fruity medium-full body with rich layers of caramelized whole nuts, brown spices, anise, and cigar wrapper. Finishes with a long, expressive fade. A must try Armagnac for Cuban cigars.