Jura Scotch Single Malt Whisky

Jura Scotch Single Malt Whisky

Jura Whisky is a truly superb smooth and sweet single malt whisky fully deserving of its excellent reputation. Jura whisky is aged in old bourbon casks which gives the whiskies a rich flavor. The range of Jura is wide, but it all began with “Jura Origin”, the whisky that signifies the rebuilding of the community and rebirth of the Jura distillery. 


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Isle of Jura 10 Years Old


Jura Origin is light and delicate with a warming honey finish. This whisky is aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 10 years. The nose has a freshness with notes of damp hay and soft, malty cereal notes. A touch of peat with gentle oak and arak with blossom tones. The palate is thick and full with more cereal, this time a barley fudge sweetness creeps in with creamy smoothness and a touch of aniseed. The finish is long with peppy winter spice.

Isle of Jura Legacy

This Isle of Jura Whisky is a 10 years old Whisky with no peat. The whisky is a very sweet and smooth whisky with notes of grass and sea salt. There is some fruitiness.

Isle of Jura Superstition

Isle of Jura Superstition is lightly peated with hints of smoke. For all of you taste gurus out there, you may pick out hints of honey and pine, as the balance of peated and unpeated spirits is matured to perfection in ex-bourbon casks. The finest young and aged (up to 21 years) whiskies go into this mysterious bottle, so there’s a different flavor to explore with every drop.

Isle of Jura Elixir 12 Years Old

Isle of Jura Elixir is fruity and spicy with a touch of citrus and ginger. Searching for a flavor sensation that never gets old? Try the endlessly intriguing overtones of crushed almonds, pineapple and fresh roasted coffee, borne of a mix of American white oak and sherry cask. Sip it slowly, and you’ll also pick up citrus fruits, dark toffee and warming ginger spice.

Isle of Jura 16 Years Old

With the smoothness of the 10 year-old allied to extra complexity from more ageing, this is a winner. 'A delicious and sophisticated dram with impressive depth and almost perfect weight.' Jim Murray, Whisky Magazine Dec 2000

Isle of Jura Prophecy

Isle of Jura Prophercy is heavily peated with fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray. It is matured without chill filtration for a huge peaty punch; this complex whisky is aged in limousine oak casks. Some taste peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray, but like any great story, it is all open to interpretation.

Isle of Jura 21 Years Old

Isle of Jura 21 Y.O is a full-bodied blend with marzipan, walnuts and bitter chocolate. Every precious frop of this whisky is a memorable masterpiece. Matured in vintage casks, it has whispers of maraschino cherries, soft marzipan and liquorice, with hints of crushed walnuts and bitter chocolate for a rich, full bodied and flawless flavor. With the further flavor of citrus fruits cutting through, this one memorable masterpiece.

Isle of Jura 30 Years Old

Isle of Jura 30 Y.O is an intense blend of Morello cherry,plum jam and earthy allspice. Some things can’t be rushed and it’s the 27 long years in American white oak and three in Spanish sherry casks that have crafted this masterpiece. Resounding with cherry and plum flavours enhanced by allspice, this is malt that will truly stand the test of time.