Limoncè Liqueur


Limoncè is the best­selling limoncello in Italy and indeed the world. It is a classic Italian liqueur made to a
traditional recipe. The zest of lemon peel is infused in sugar and alcohol to produce anaromatic liquid that is pleasantly sweet with an intense lemon flavour.

Limoncè is available in several variants, including: Classic Limoncè, Limoncè Cream and as a Limoncè Amaro bitter.

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Limoncé Liqueur

It’s a very simple and genuine production, where the quality of the raw materials, the naturality of the ingredients play a major role in building up Limoncè pleasantness
The lemon skin, obtained from the best Italian lemons, elliptic shaped, symmetric and medium-big, is the main ingredient. It contain the essential oils that are fundamental to give the liqueur its clean aroma.