Writer's Tears

Writer Tears

Writers Tears is leading the charge to recreate some of the great whiskies of 100 years
ago. Writers Tears is a Vatting of Pure Pot Still and Single Malt (proportions are a closely
guarded secret). The resulting whiskey is one of Ireland’s highest rated whiskies in the
Whisky Bible.

Writer Tears has a glossy pot still character; rather than the usual fruity firmness, the
recognizable pot still traits are shrouded in soft honey tones which dovertail with
lightening kumquat­citrus notes. The finish is relatively long with an old­fashioned cough
sweet fruitiness.


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Writer's Tears Pot Still

Writerṣ Tears is a unique old Irish Pot Still Whiskey.  It is a vatting of Single Malt and Single Pot Still whiskeys.  Distilled from 60% malt and 40% Pot Still (no grain).  This triple distilled, non-peated whiskey is matured and aged in American Oak bourbon casks.  
It has flashes of apple with hints of vanilla and honey over its distinctive Pot-Still base.

Wrtier's Tears Cask Strength 2013

Writerṣ Tears Cask Strength is at 53% this year and is Ireland’s most exclusive Whiskey.  A vatting of Single Pot Still and Single Malt, this is distilled 3 times and carefully aged in American Oak Casks. Each year Bernard Walsh selects a handful of exceptional casks to make this the benchmark for Super Premium Cask Strength Irish Whiskey.  It is available in strictly limited quantities with only 2500 bottles produced in 2013.

Bernard Walsh, founder of Writerṣ Tears, said “We are delighted once again to be able to offer such an amazing whiskey.  The combination of Single Pot Still and Single Malt at Cask Strength, give this treasure an excellent flavour.”

Put plainly, ‘Cask Strength’ means that the whiskey is bottled at the natural strength, straight out of the barrel and Writerṣ Tears choose only the finest American Oak Bourbon Casks to put its much loved triple distilled whiskey into.  This years Cask Strength has come in at 53%, and has come out with a wonderful combination of soft bourbon notes with a light malty subplot. Following through with a creamy oak and spice that gives it magnificent superb complexity which balances its expressive strength.

There are only 2500 bottles available worldwide in this limited edition and each bottle comes individually numbered as a mark of high quality and is non-chill filtered.