Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

Zubrówka is the world’s best known Polish vodka. This is a unique flavored vodka whose
exceptional and natural character are emphasized by the fact that a blade of local bison
grass is placed in every bottle. This makes each bottle different and exceptional, as is the
Zubrówka brand in comparison with other brands.

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Zubrowka Bison Græs Vodka

Zubrowka vodka is based on traditional formula, which dates back to XIV century, and it’s crafted according to the production method described below.

Zubrowka vodka owes its pale hue and subtle flavor exclusively attributes that bison grass holds. Water used for zubrowka vodka comes from the deepest well in the ecologically cleanest region in Poland.

The grass is harvested by hand in early summer, when it has reached its full height and maximum flavor intensity. It is then left to dry naturally and cut down to the proper length; any old or crushed grass is discarded. Once dry, the selected grass is sent to the distilleries.

The Flavour is first extracted by crushing the grass and forcing vodka over and through it repeatedly. (This process can be compared to the cold-extraction method used to obtain extra-virgin oil). The extract is then mixed in correct proportions with the purest rye vodka until a faint pale-green tinge develops and the optimum flavor intensity is attained. The vodka is then left to mellow and mature for several days. Finally, the vodka is filtered and poured and a single blade of bison grass is added to every bottle. In addition to being proof that the vodka’s naturally origin, this rare leaf (for that’s what it is) lends a final layer of aroma and flavor. An  original Zubrowka Vodka label indentifies each bottle of this distinctive vodka.