Stroh Rum Original


Stroh Rum is available in five variants:

Stroh 38, Stroh 40, Stroh 54, Stroh 60 and Stroh 80

Stroh rum owes its unique and distinctive profile to a blend of black tea, herbs, spices
and fruit flavours. In addition to being an iconic rum spirit, Stroh is a popular ingredient in
many cake and pastry recipes in Austria.

Known to Europeans as an “inlander Rum”, Stroh evolved as an aromatic variant of island­style molasses based spirits, 
featuring an audacious blend of flavourful ingredients available in Austria. Its popularity in bold
cocktails, potent hot drinks and cream­based desserts libations is well known. 

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Stroh Rum Original

Stroh 80 is a rose copper coloured, light­bodied rum. Initial aromas of bright butterscotch and vanilla
lead to a bouquet of floral, herbal, tropical fruit and spicy notes. On the palate, bold rum
flavour is accented with a myriad of spices, perfume, root beer and butter tones, with a
very long, very warm finish.

Although some would not consider Stroh 80 a sipping rum, it
can be enjoyed in small sips to deliver big, rich, delicious flavours to the palate. A small
portion of this rum brings a uniquely rich and flavourful profile to cocktails, punches and
sparkle wines spritzers.

Stroh Jägertee 60%

Jagertee is an alcoholic beverage made by mixing overproof rum with black tea. It is served warm and is typically consumed during winter in the cold parts of Central Europe.

Stroh Cream 15%

Stroh Cream Liqueur is a smooth and delightful specialty that combines the milky touch of a premium liqueur with the unique taste of the original STROH. With 15% vol. Stroh Cream Liqueur is the ideal drink for everybody who likes the unique taste of Original Stroh as well as the famous Stroh product quality and needs something sweet in life. As a part of the legendary Stroh product range Stroh Cream Liqueur is a real highlight of the typical Austrian lifestyle and its moments of culinary pleasure.

Discover the harmonious flavor of Stroh Cream Liqueur neat, on the rocks, or as the perfect finishing touch to desserts, ice cream and coffee.

Stroh Obst Schnapps

A delicious apple and pear brandy from Stroh of Austria. A classic combination that's

popular amongst eau de vie producers, especially in German­speaking countries, as the
flavours balance and complement each other perfectly. Best served chilled.